Project Management

The Project Management Office: A Component Approach for Implementing a PMO

Bradford Neavear

A project management office (PMO) is a unit or department that specializes in project management concepts and uses those concepts to improve the overall project capability of an organization. Typically, the primary goal of a PMO is to improve project performance through standardization and process. Additionally, a PMO can also provide project support, information, guidance, and oversight to an organization.

As the number of complex projects and services within an organization increases, the need for improving project support within the organization also increases and this leads many organizations to implement some form of PMO. After an organization sponsors a PMO, the organization can expect to see benefits such as increased projectproductivity and performance, improved project communication and information, and project alignment with organizational goals.

Described in this article is a proposed approach for systematically implementing a PMO by building on a continuing progression of more complex PMO competencies. PMO competencies are represented by components that a PMO can provide. By exploring the components of a PMO, a roadmap is revealed that outlines how an organization can evolve a PMO.

This article explores the different components that a PMO can provide. The component approach proposes how an organization can evolve a PMO through the progressive addition…

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