Project Management

Ten Change Management Tips for Information Technology Project Managers

David Norman

If you are in the planning stages of an Information Technology (IT) project, and find that you are experiencing any of the following, then this paper might be of help to you:

  • Multiple IT projects are competing for the same resources and funding.
  • External vendors are playing key roles.
  • Ongoing operational changes will likely impact your project.

The goal of this paper is to offer practical strategies that will help you manage change effectively. The background and examples in this document have an IT bias, because I took many ideas and examples from recent experiences managing change for 2 years in a $US20 million dollar database migration project. This project had it all—extended duration, large number of critical business intelligence applications in scope, two external vendors, and several other “critical” projects taking place in the same time frame. Change had to be managed or change would have devoured the project. In total, we processed more than 450 change requests. Many of the change management lessons we learned from this project have relevance to today’s project environments, where outsourcing is the norm, and change constant.

The objective of the database migration project discussed in this paper was to migrate 21 business intelligence applications from an aging environment to a new data …

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