Project Management

Interviewing — The Hidden Project Management Weapon

Samantha Bethke

So you  have been trained in project management and your company has given you your first assignment: a project management effort that requires all the skills you have just learned and one skill for which your project management classes may not have prepared you: interviewing. Assembling the right team is almost as important as all of the other project management tasks you will tackle throughout the life cycle of your project. Having the right people on your team can foster trust, teamwork, and creativity, while reducing risk. Conversely, a poorly assembled team can introduce conflict within the team and can adversely affect your relationships with partners, stakeholders, and customers.

I like to surround myself with people who are smarter than me. If I had all the answers, I wouldn’t need a team.

Before you begin the interviewing process, think about your strengths and weaknesses; you can compensate for your weaknesses and compliment your strengths by selecting the right team members. For example, if you have a major project coming up and you know you have a sound ability to plan but are not good at documenting and tracking progress against a plan, maybe you need a project coordinator — someone who understands project management, is proficient in Microsoft Project® but doesn’t want or have the experience to be the project manager. …

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