The Capital Projects Development Process Used in Cities Throughout the People’s Republic of China

Wenyi Li, and Roger L. Kemp

This paper describes the capital project development process used by cities in the People’s Republic of China. It is a generic process used by public officials and citizens throughout this nation. For analytical purposes, and in an effort to make sense out of a quite complicated process, this paper is divided into the four phases of a capital improvement project. These are: project approval and financing, project management, project evaluation, and project completion.

Within each of these phases of a capital project, from preliminary planning to project completion, the involvement of the main participants is described in detail. The actions of the five main participants involved in this process include public officials, development managers, project consultants, building contractors, and citizens. The respective roles and responsibilities of each of these participants are described in detail in this paper.

Project Approval and Financing

Role of Public Officials

Generally, there are two types of methods by which a city government may approve and fund major public works projects.

One option is to set up special committees to handle the projects, such as a project management office and investment and financing office.

These committees are in charge of providing recommendations to the city government that is approving authority, …

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