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Application of PM Principles in Telecom Restoration Projects in Earthquake-Affected Areas

Kashif Basheer Khan

Natural calamities such as earthquakes are characterized by destruction, mayhem, confusion, and, on top of all that, the emotional as well as physical trauma of its victims. With few exceptions, almost all regions of the world are susceptible to natural catastrophe and the phenomena can take any of several forms. Depending on the intensity and magnitude of the catastrophe, the disaster-stricken areas normally face similar kinds of problems, regardless of the nature of calamity. A few major challenges remain common to all: for example, destruction of infrastructure, stoppage of public and health services, shortage of food and supplies, inaccessibility to the affected areas, entrapment of the public in the troubled areas, and disruption of governance/administration in the area. The relief programs are usually initiated immediately after the disaster, and they have a variety of constituent projects aimed at restoring and rehabilitating the affected areas. The relief projects cover a wide range of application areas as well as industry.

As most relief and rehabilitation work in such cases begins as projects, the application of project management principles in these projects helps channelize the work into a systematic and coordinated effort having maximized  output and expeditious delivery. In this article, we discuss telecommunication restoration projects in …

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