Project Management

Four Tips for Project Managers Working in an Entrepreneurial Environment

James Mowery

The purpose of this article is to give the project manager a few tips on what he or she should be doing in an entrepreneurial environment. These tips are framed in the context of operating in a small- to medium-sized business. Although these tips can be implemented during any phase of a business life cycle, they are most pertinent when the business is experiencing a growth phase.

The Entrepreneurial Environment

Every business, large or small, has its own unique challenges. As a project manager and business leader, I have seen my fair share of challenges in small- to medium-sized entrepreneurial businesses. When a business is still maturing into a corporation, it often appears chaotic and disorganized; there are few, if any policies in place and rules seem to be made just to be broken. This can be an exciting and maybe even frightening time for everyone onboard; this is the time when the business is still pushing the envelope to see what can and cannot be done in its respective industry. Usually, the last thing on the entrepreneur’s mind is project management. The entrepreneur has a vision and his or her goal is to achieve this vision, and the concept of project management is most likely foreign to his or her thought process.

Small Business Projects

Projects in a small growing business may actually mirror those in a large business (e.g., …

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