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Jiju is a project manager who takes on projects that need help. He likes a challenge put in front of him to be solved in a fixed amount of time. Because of this trait, he was fortunate enough to be called upon for completing projects in distress. Through detailed analysis and designing mitigation strategies, he is able to turn distressed projects into successful ones.

Organizations consistently struggle with the notion of establishing and nurturing Project Management Offices that could yield tangible results. When organizations seek to harvest fruits from their well-tended PMOs, they often are clouded by the complexity that surrounds the benefits that PMOs supposedly offer their business drivers. It is no wonder that Gartner research found that about half of the PMOs established by organizations fail or are classified to be an overhead even before they start yielding any targeted results.

The common problem that has haunted endless PMOs is their inability to become credible partners with the businesses that they support. Most of the time, PMOs spend their time managing projects that are supposed to provide direct or indirect benefits to business areas. However, a lot of time and energy is spent on project governance, chasing technology decisions and building report structures. How can PMOs manage to come out on top delivering results that businesses can understand and incorporate them into their strategic roadmap?

Executive approval
PMOs should seek executive blessing and approval on their charter when they are established. Most of the PMOs are viewed as adding more bureaucracy and a hindrance to business accelerations efforts. PMOs should seek to obtain clarity in objectives, responsibilities and roles when they are setup. This…

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