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Visual Tools: Enhancing Portfolio Visibility

Jiju is a project manager who takes on projects that need help. He likes a challenge put in front of him to be solved in a fixed amount of time. Because of this trait, he was fortunate enough to be called upon for completing projects in distress. Through detailed analysis and designing mitigation strategies, he is able to turn distressed projects into successful ones.

Endless dashboards, heat maps and health reports! Nowadays, stakeholder concurrence depends more on how visually the project or portfolio status is presented rather than presenting them with reams of project data and conducting multi-hour work sessions. While visually pleasing elements can help stakeholders focus on important aspects of project management like risk identification and crisis management, other project data elements are still needed for a qualified assessment of project or portfolio status.

Visualize the business need
What other major benefits can a project management team reap from being more visually focused on project management related artifacts? Apart from the effective communication that the visual approach provides to the organizational leadership, this approach will also aid in bringing all functional groups together in alignment with the real business need.

Recent Gartner research found that misalignment in functional requirements was the main cause of project failures. This was found to be the most common reason for project dysfunction along with schedule and cost mismanagement. Project managers can use a plethora of aids to present the business functionality needs to the project execution team so that technical requirements are properly extracted from the business requirements. As an example, even before detailed discussions on technology …

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