Less Words, More Pictures

Michelle Stronach has over 20 years of experience in the project management field, with experience creating successful PMOs and implementing project, portfolio management and IT governance frameworks. Michelle truly appreciates the value of feedback and welcomes comments on her articles. https://twitter.com/mlstronach

We are so awash with information, project managers struggle to share information in a way that is noticeable and engaging. In a world where key messages are lost in seas of words, incorporating visual content into project communications can be like sending out a distress flare. This article talks about four ways of using visual content that will grab attention, connect with stakeholders, optimize team creativity and increase corporate awareness of your project.

Tell me you haven't felt the impact of today's rapid pace of economical, technological and social changes and the subsequent massive information tsunami that has been washing over us for the last 10 years--and will continue to do so into the unseeable future. Technology innovation has increased our ability to capture data and share information. Knowledge workers are asked more to help the organization stay ahead (or just plain keep up) with the pack. And senior staffs have broader spans of responsibility to keep track. It sometimes feels like it’s getting harder to find time to think, let alone read.

It is often said that managing a project is 90% communication. As a project manager, we spend almost if not all of our time speaking, listening, collaborating, deciphering, sharing and on it goes. Our roles are absolutely impacted by the current spiraling and expanding information age to which we …

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There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

- Edith Wharton