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Mind the Gap: CIO Bill Limond on London's Project Management Approach

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Government projects tend to have a lot of stakeholders—all with their own opinions. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, says Bill Limond, interim CIO for the city of London, England.

“It’s just the due process you’ve got to go through,” he says. “And while it adds time to the process, it gives us many different insights into our project plans that can be useful and help us reduce risks.”

Of course, it also helps to go in with a clear plan. Over the last 25 years, Mr. Limond has worked on tech projects for some of the biggest names in the U.K. public and private sectors, from BP and British Telecom to the London Underground. Yet there always seems to be a gap: “Nearly everything associated with IT projects involves business change, but it rarely comes up in the project plan,” he says.

Describe the city’s approach to project management.

Over the past few years we’ve become more formal in our project management methodology and started using an approach that isn’t too processheavy. We centralized the information systems resources so we can deploy them more efficiently, and we created formal stages for project review and rationalization to give us better oversight of how we’re using our resources.

In addition to a strategic board that oversees the entire department, we …

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