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4 Traits for Being a Good Sponsor

Kenneth has 14 years of healthcare experience in government and private industry. Over eight years of experience managing healthcare IT projects, operations, contracts, and personnel. His work experience includes project management, contracts and procurements, data analysis, claims adjudication, business writing, and business process modeling. Kenneth was certified in 2006 as a Project Management Professional.

A good sponsor can make your project succeed where other sponsors might just let it die a slow, painful death. Sometimes, a good sponsor can mean the difference between everyone getting on board for the project--and no one ever hearing about what you’ve been working on for the past year.

So whether you are a sponsor or a project manager in need of a sponsor, it’s important to know what makes a good sponsor. Consider this list a starting point that will help you move in the right direction when it comes to finding or being a solid sponsor to a project…

Invested and Interested
The sponsor should be invested and interested in the project. Oftentimes for executives, there is so much on their plate, they cannot keep track of everything--and they may not make the best sponsor for every project under their purview. It can be difficult to be a sponsor for a project if it is only something that exists on the periphery and isn’t on the radar.

A sponsor of a project must be someone who can talk about the project in an informed manner and who stays in contact with the project manager and the project team. The sponsor does not have to be constantly in the business of the project, but they should get regular touch points and have a desire to know what is going in with it. Being invested in the project will help the sponsor do their job, and also give…

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