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PMI 2011 Project of the Year Finalist: Combining Forces

Kevin Allen

The United Arab Emirates gained its wealth through the oil and gas industry. Now its leaders are cultivating economic sustainability by diversifying the country’s portfolio.

In 2007 the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council issued a long-term plan to improve infrastructure and create jobs outside of its mainstay industry. In response, the government approved a US$6 billion project to construct the EMAL Smelter Complex in Al Taweelah. The goal: to become the world’s largest single-site aluminum smelter after the completion of phase two of the project in 2014.

With designs on becoming a major player in the global aluminum market, DUBAL (Dubai Aluminium Company Ltd.) partnered with Mubadala Development Company, an economic investment arm of the Abu Dhabi government.

“EMAL is an important catalyst in the creation of new opportunities for a diversified economy through the creation of business opportunities and new employment,” says the company’s president and CEO, Saeed Fadhel Al Mazrooei. “Not only will the EMAL project deliver highly skilled employment opportunities, it will also oversee an expansive multiplier effect for job opportunities in the United Arab Emirates for related industries and supportive businesses.”

The smelter is located on a 6 squarekilometer (2.3 square-mile) site in the Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone, …

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