The Depths of Discipline

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Many project managers view process-driven work as boring and rigid, the antithesis of agile methods. But all projects can’t be sexy change initiatives. Here are three benefits that project managers can gain from embracing process discipline along their professional development path.

Projects offer change and excitement. They are about changing the world. Projects build skyscrapers. Projects make life saving drugs available to us. Projects have sex appeal!

In contrast, process appears quiet, unremarkable and without flash. The differences between projects and process manifest themselves as conflict. Project managers seek change while process-driven operations departments focus on maintaining equilibrium, quality and output.

The process world of repetitive tasks and daily routines has much to teach project managers. Perhaps you are “stuck” in a process-driven department, waiting for your project assignment? Or you may be in an operations department and seeking to move into a project role? Don’t despair and only think about the future.

Process and operations departments have lessons to teach. These lessons and opportunities only become clear with further reflection.  

Did you know that process is the silent and invisible pillar of strength behind athletic victories? In his new book, “The Obstacle Is The Way” Ryan Holiday …

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