Project Management

Cost and Schedule Benefits of Offsite Manufactured Plant Rooms on ICI Construction Projects

Roy Baxter

The author feels the offsite prefabrication of boiler plant rooms in the ICI (Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional) type construction sector is not introduced to projects as often as it could be. The intention of this report is to present a simplified approach to examining the project benefits of using this engineering application. The following areas of a project will be detailed out and measured to assess the project benefits.

Areas to be Measured/Compared:

  1. Cost Benefits
  2. Construction Schedule/Delivery Benefits
  3. Health and Safety Benefits
  4. Building Life Cycle and Replacement Benefits

The exercise will be a dual approach to assessing the benefits for the project construction team and the owner during the life of the building. The MEP contractor is usually part of the construction team in today’s partnering culture, which has evolved globally in recent years. It is in this owner/contractor forum that such design and procurement methods should be discussed and challenged to investigate the benefits to all stakeholders. Public private partnership (PPP) or 3P/private finance initiative (PFI) are common terms used in the construction sector and, usually, the arrangement is for a privately financed consortium to be responsible for the life-long operation and maintenance of the building after construction and throughout…

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