What’s Better than Being Proactive? Being Predictive.

Kevin Kern serves as Innotas' President and CEO, leveraging his 20 years of operational experience with high-growth software companies. Innotas is a leading provider of Cloud Solutions for IT Management.

While a premium used to be placed on proactive project forecasting, budgeting and resourcing, there’s now an even more highly prized measure of successful project management--being predictive.

Enterprises that invest in predictive technologies and metrics today will increase profitability by an average of 20% by 2017, according to CIO Insight. Becoming more predictive with project portfolios, resources and planning processes will enable organizations to stay competitive and relevant in this rapidly changing world, as well as increase credibility of the CIO and PMO by having more accurate work plans and forecasts.

Making the shift from reactive to predictive
In traditional development and project management models, organizations spend several weeks working on an annual plan that changes little during execution. But today, businesses need to be agile and quickly respond to changing market conditions. Organizations need the ability to predict which group of projects will generate the most value when these changes occur. Consequently, IT and PMO organizations must prepare for the constant re-planning of their project and resource roadmaps.

Adapting and scaling to accommodate these changes is not simple. For most organizations, it is a very manual process that requires significant time and people--and updating countless complicated spreadsheets.

So …

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