Project Management

The Learning Curve

Edward D. Hess

Organizations can no longer depend on all-knowing leaders or better mousetraps to succeed. In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, the only way to develop and sustain a competitive advantage is to create a high-performance learning culture. Here are four fundamental steps to build it.

Like all business leaders, portfolio directors and program managers know that your organization’s survival and success depend on maintaining a competitive advantage. So you’re constantly focused on reaching more of your target market, making your product that much better, and expanding your services.Those are great strategies to drive your goal … if you have a time machine and are doing business in the previous century. But today?

Today’s technological and marketplace developments necessitate faster adaptation, and adaptation requires institutional learning processes such as critical and innovative thinking, critical conversations, and experimentation. To stay relevant, companies can no longer rely on traditional competitive advantages like location, capital, lack of choices for customers, and lack of market transparency; instead, they must transform themselves into high-performance learning organizations (HPLOs). Here are four key points to keep in mind when building a learning culture.

1. Leadership must shift toward coaching

Unless you’…

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