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Scott Deming

How much influence does any one individual have on an organization’s culture or values? What about the “culture” of a project or program, from accountability to communication? Here are 10 ways that you can make an impact in establishing a flourishing culture around core values.

Culture cannot flourish if individuals do not sustain it. Whether it’s a beautiful or horrific culture, it does not exist without one individual after another choosing to support it. In other words, if one person after another shifts away from a set of practices and beliefs that are the core of any culture, that culture eventually ceases to exist. This doesn’t mean there is no society or company, but that surely the culture has vanished.

Sure, systems, bureaucracies, policies, rules, regulations, laws, and other individuals impact your life. But whatever your situation and however you were raised, when it comes time to choose who you are and who you want to be, it all comes down to you. You may be the one who can solve a problem that keeps a client from jumping ship. You may be the one with a great idea like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or someone who wins a Nobel Prize. You may be the one whose mentoring changes lives for the better.

You also know that although you are responsible for choosing your values, what you do next is going to involve more than just you. In other words, you …

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"One of the symptoms of approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important."

- Bertrand Russell