Generating a Useful Construction Activities Work Schedule

Edwin Rivera Sierra

A construction activities work schedule is a fundamental tool to any project, no matter its size. It is also a challenging task, and for many projects, even if they are small, it may take much effort to produce a schedule. Planning is the backbone of any successful project in any business or even in our personal endeavors. Therefore, failing to plan appropriately, or not planning at all, whether it is a project or in any aspect of life, is like planning for failure. For example, when you are in the market to purchase a new car, a house, or even groceries, do you just purchase anything or do you research first, and then plan? There are so many factors involved in planning, which makes it a very critical undertaking to the success of any project and to those who will manage it. One key element of planning is organization.

The principal behind being organized

Can you identify the disadvantages of not being organized? For starters, going back and forth trying to decide what you really want is obviously a waste of time. No doubt this has happened at various times in our lives. In construction offices you may find many desks cluttered with papers, making the task of locating a particular letter or memo impossible for anyone other than the person who sits there. Or a neatly organized desk may be misconstrued as belonging to someone who doesn’t have very much to do. …

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