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Book Review: Leading Virtual Project Teams

Terry K. Czigan, MDiv., PhD

Every chapter and case study in Leading Virtual Project Teams by Margaret R. Lee, PhD, PMP, could have the same subtitle--the author’s own words from the preface: “Leadership for successful virtual team management is different from traditional, collocated project team management” (p. xvii).That’s why this book review interested you, isn’t it? You can see the handwriting on the wall: Virtual project management will be in your future, if not already a reality, and you are looking for some guidance so that you can front-load yourself and your team for success.

I’ve been on virtual teams for most of the last six years, and this book seemed to speak to the next steps ahead of me on my journey. The chapter titles give us a good road map for our coming travels: an Overview, then e-Leadership for Projects, Enhancing Virtual Project Communications, Cultural Communication Issues and Effective e-Leadership, and to wrap it all up, Virtual Project Leadership Competencies (which includes a section on “e-ethics”).

The overview chapter provides good working definitions to help set the context for the rest of the book. The following chapter on e-leadership was tough for me to get through because I wanted this book to give practical steps for fast action (they do come later). But this was much like the lit review in a dissertation: …

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