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Automatic for the Process

Sam Fell

When it comes to automating software release processes, there are inevitable challenges that must be overcome, starting with resistance from developers, testers and other stakeholders. Change management is critical. Here are some recommendations to help navigate this often difficult journey.

Application Release Automation — taking software release processes that in the past were manually done, and automating them — is a driving force in software development projects, where bleeding-edge technology solutions are expected to be delivered to customers now, not later. A prime examples is the continuous application updates on smartphones to fix bugs or add features — it’s an automatic update that requires little or no work for the developer and little or no work from the end-user.

But when it comes to implementing application release automation (ARA) on your project teams, there are number of challenges and hurdles that must be navigated or the benefits will not be realized. Here are some steps necessary to achieve success.

Prepare for Negativity

The first item on your agenda should be to understand your software development environment from inception to deployment — specifically your end user needs and expectations, and the challenges you may face in your release. For example, in the web world unexpected change is often met with stiff …

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