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The Repeatable Test Cycle Resource

Al Taylor is an independent IT contractor in Ontario, Canada.

For those of us that work on IT application development projects, it can be interesting to look at the resources we use and ask ourselves, “Which of our resources (other than the human resources) is the most important?” We have removed human resources from this discussion because it is a given that those are the most important resources…right?

Arguments can be made in favor of the IDE, the programming languages, the databases, the app servers, the PMO, the SDM and PMM, etc. In this article, we suggest that the most important resource for many application development projects is a Technical Quality Assurance model that supports highly repeatable test cycles.

Key assumptions that drive this argument are:

  • Testing is hard, and with the ever-increasing complexity of our applications it is getting harder.
  • Testing is often compressed into the final stages of the project.
  • Testing resources (e.g. human, technical environments) can be scarce.
  • Testers need to be as productive as possible because these resources tend to require more knowledge about the firm’s internal data and procedures and therefore are less readily available than other technical resources
  • Testing resources are often off-shore, which introduces communication, collaboration and data access challenges
  • Testing effort is sometimes under-estimated; the …

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