Project Management

Improve It Or Lose It

Joachim Ahlstrom

High-performance teams keep it simple, stay focused and positive, create ownership, and take systematic approaches. These principles are also crucial to creating a continuous improvement culture and mindset, but many organizations get bogged down. Let’s take a closer look at why, and how common pitfalls can be avoided.

Ask executives, project leaders or team members if their organization works on improvements, and chances are the answer will be yes. Then ask for specific examples. If you don't get a list of recent concrete improvements, then odds are the company doesn’t have an improvement culture — and isn’t operating effectively to achieve high performance and success.

Continuous improvement is key for many organizations in order to develop high performance, but changing corporate culture and mindsets is at its core — and this has proven difficult for many organizations. One big reason is that there are a few challenges most organizations sooner or later encounter in which intuitive responses actually prevent success.

There are five crucial points to keep in mind as you implement a continuous improvement process in your organization: keep it simple; stay focused; visualize the good examples and progress made; create ownership by asking instead of telling; and be systematic

1. Simplicity

A common reaction to failed improvement …

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