Beyond Eliminating Defects: New Frontiers in Quality Management

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“Quality” is one of the most heavily used words in advertising and management. Like any popular concept, quality is in danger of losing its distinct contribution due to overuse. In the high-risk and high-impact world of project management, robust quality management has a vital role to play. Let’s consider a few of the recent advances in the art and science of quality management.

21st Century Quality Advances Beyond Manufacturing
Quality management has spread far beyond its origins in the manufacturing industry. However, many of today’s leading quality improvements take place in the services sector. According to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, service industries are responsible for 80% of U.S. jobs and 68% of GDP. Improving the quality and productivity of services represents a significant opportunity to grow the economy. Project managers can expect to work on more quality projects in the services sectors in 2015 and beyond.

Hill County Memorial
Based in Fredericksburg, Texas, HCM shows what quality practices can achieve in the healthcare sector. The institution has won top rankings for patient experience and financial management. Quality improvements reaches all the way to the operating room--in 2013, Hill County increased the capacity of existing operating room suites by 16%. Better quality will be one of the ways …

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