Achieving an Effective and Functioning Project Team

Marcelo A. Briola is an Organizational Project Management Consultant. He has xtensive experience in leading complex regional projects, in the implementation of IT management models, and transition and transformation projects. He is Academic Director of the Project Management Executive Program at Torcuato Di Tella University, Project Management Professor for MBA at Belgrano University and at the Professional Council on Economic Sciences of the City of Buenos Aires. He is the author of several research papers on project management and teamwork.

An effective performance by a project team is achieved if professional project managers, as a whole, can adequately implement the project plan as defined--solving the daily issues in a timely manner to achieve the committed objectives regardless of the methodology applied.

Projects without a focused strategy for an effective project team will be disordered and made up of professionals who lack the required motivation to achieve optimum effort and results. It must also be noted that these professionals will not realize their fullest potential and will have to withstand pressures to perform their duties and achieve project goals.

If the functioning of the project team is inaccurate, the project will be wrong no matter how well the knowledge areas from A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) are handled, and will have a direct impact on the project goals.

While every project should be approached with the appropriate methodology and management, the latter is directly related to the way in which the team operates and is essential for the success of all the projects executed across the organization. Therefore, the more efficient the professionals and the wider their integration, the higher the efficiency achieved by the project team. To reach this goal, a project team should be based on two building blocks:

  1. Efficient professionals

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