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Applied Concepts of Scrum Practice on PMO Team: Construction Industry

Akram Hassan

We desire in this case study to clarify how the agile practices can be applied on a construction project’s PMO. While we are working on setting up a new PMO for the city municipality projects we discover that the agile practices will be the best appropriate methodology to be applied since we have daily frequent changes in the project scope.

The client collaboration in this project’s and permanent requirements clarification from their side was the major important factor for this project success. We kept following the Agile Manifesto principals on most of the daily operations of our PMO since we cannot get in the contract negotiation much, which will not enable us to achieve our project goal and satisfy our client.

Our project’s agile experience
In this portion we will illustrate how we apply the agile practices on our PMO daily operations. We will do so by referring the main stages in our project to the agile project stages.

Inception phase
As the inception phase is the preparation period before conducting the work, we care about the following activities:

  •  Creating the project charter
  •  Choosing the appropriate team members
  •  Drafting the initial plans for first Roadmap, release and iteration
  •  Indicating the proper team structure
  •  Selecting the proper tools will be used
  •  …

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