Leveraging the Best Knowledge Management Practices

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Bruce is the founder of ProjectManagementHacks.com, a resource for growing IT project managers.

In 2015, we are blessed with an abundance of knowledge and information. In addition to the internet, many of us have access to outstanding public libraries. As a Toronto resident, I have access to a vast collection of resources including databases, books and more through the public library. Many of us also have access to excellent databases at our organizations. However valuable published materials are, they are not the full story when it comes to knowledge.

Scott H. Young, online publisher and rapid learning expert, recently made an excellent observation. He wrote, “While I’m a big fan of self-education, most knowledge isn’t accessible in books or schools. Instead it’s held tacitly by people with experience.” That’s an excellent reason for project managers to become more capable at the art and science of knowledge management.

As a discipline, knowledge management is young. The Oxford English Dictionary reports the first use of “knowledge management” in 1971--making the concept almost as old as the Project Management Institute (though the Knowledge Management Professional Society was only established in 2001). The growth of knowledge management is a natural response to our economy`s growing specialization and the importance of knowledge workers. This field also recognizes that simply providing more IT is not enough: we …

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