Managing Stakeholders as Clients: Q&A

Mario is an experienced PMO manager with more than 15 years managing portfolios, programs and projects in Telecom, IT, Infrastructure, Defense, Space and Aeronautics. He also teaches project management, strategy and business administration at colleges and business schools/MBA courses.

On April 22, 2015, Mario Trentim spoke to the community on the topic of stakeholder management in his webinar Managing Stakeholders as Clients. During this webinar, attendees were provided practical ways to effectively identify stakeholders, strategize about stakeholder engagement and proactively involve stakeholders to get their buy-in. There was so much valuable information included in this session that there were some great questions that we weren’t able to get to.

Below, Mario has taken the time to provide answers to those questions:

1. How do you apply these strategies in client, contractor and sub-contractor scenarios?
Mario Trentim: These strategies are general and could be applied to any scenario involving stakeholders. When you have subcontractors, you must decide if you are going to manage them directly or indirectly. Considering that these subcontractors might impact your project’s results, you should identify, analyze and develop engagement strategies for them.

2. In the initial creation of the stakeholder list, do we need to list all affected by the project as a stakeholder, or could we group them and assign a group lead as the POC?
Mario Trentim: I advise you to have stakeholders identified as individuals, if possible. Don’t be afraid of coming up with a large list of stakeholders. After the identification…

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