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Ethics: It’s Your Shield, Use It!

PMI Delaware Valley Chapter

Ethics is a set of rules to guide behavior. Like all publicly recognized professions, PMI has promulgated a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. If you’re a PMI member, credential holder or supplier, the code guides how you interact with peers and employers in the marketplace. It requires that you be honest, fair and treat others with respect.

The code obviously protects those whom we serve in a project or program capacity. It creates a level playing field for all practitioners when coupled with PMI standards. What may be less obvious is that the code also protects you.

By being enveloped by the code, we are protected from being required to act outside of its boundaries. By having standards and a code of ethics, we are a profession and enjoy the benefit of being in a profession--and being more highly valued in the marketplace. The code protects us as a group. In a way, you can say it is an effective defense shield for our professional reputations.

Hundreds of thousands of PMI members and credential holders worldwide have bound themselves to our code as a condition of becoming a member or credential holder. Some sources estimate that there may be millions of other persons in the marketplace who are functioning as project managers, some with the job title and some without. These individuals have not formally bound themselves to the code. I suspect that …

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"Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits."

- Mark Twain