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3 Secrets to Successfully Managing Product Development Programs: Q&A

On May 19, 2015, Randy Iliff presented the 3 Secrets to Successfully Managing Product Development Programs webinar to the community and provided three secrets to successfully manage product development programs.

Projects are always hard to successfully manage. Even in the simplest possible case, when all of the objectives are known in advance and resources are available, there is still need for constant adjustment in response to external variables. But what happens when things aren’t so simple? Randy provided a wealth of information in his presentation. We were not able to get to all of the questions during the live session, but we have included them below:

1. Is “Variable Objective” similar to “Progressive Elaboration”?
In the context of this presentation, a variable objective is one that cannot be fully defined at the beginning and thus requires some means of elaboration. The variable objective creates the need for elaboration. Progressive elaboration is one of a number of means for satisfying that need.

Progressive elaboration certainly makes sense on many projects with this character, and we find iterative development an extremely effective design practice here at bb7.

2.  How do you define “method”?
In the context of this presentation, I’m using the term “method”…

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