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Gartner Forecast: Prepare for a Digital Storm

Ben is Chief Product & Marketing Officer for UMT360.

This year’s Gartner PPM & IT Governance Summit was held just outside of Dallas in a region recovering from some of the wildest local weather in some time. While the event itself was unaffected, the extreme weather did seem like a fitting prelude to an event with the theme “Thriving In Digital Chaos”. The unmistakable message to PMOs from Gartner this year was that disruptive (and possibly catastrophic) winds of digital change will soon be buffeting your organization. PMI asked me to share my impressions of the event.

Gartner made it clear from the very first keynote that these digital storm clouds are threatening to rock all of our worlds. They also assured the more than 1,300 attendees that there really is a silver lining. PMOs that embrace the change and adopt new perspectives, methods and tools can not only survive, but thrive. In fact, if anything, the Gartner folks I spoke with felt quite strongly that this new digital reality presents an amazing opportunity for PMOs to take a leading role in architecting the new Digital Business. But that opportunity will only come to those that acknowledge and adjust to some new digital realities.

IT spending is becoming a 50/50 proposition!
Did you know that by the end of 2017, about 50% of IT-related spend is projected to occur outside of the IT domain? This stat from the Gartner keynote struck me as a watershed …

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