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How to Grow Your Business Awareness to Be a Better Project Manager

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Projects do not exist in a self-contained world controlled by the project manager. Instead, our projects are shaped and heavily influenced by the environment. These truths are covered in most project management training courses, yet how often do we act on these ideas? In this article, you will learn practical ways to develop your business awareness at work so that we can better understand the broader environment. These strategies will put you ahead of other professionals who never spend any time considering the big picture.

Defining Business Awareness
To thrive as a successful professional, your business awareness capabilities need to be developed to a high degree. Why? According to the Project Management Salary Survey published by the Project Management Institute, the median salary for project managers in the United States is over $100,000. At that pay level, executives expect you to bring a big picture perspective to the organization. While delivering on time remains valuable, it is not enough.

You will learn about the three dimensions of business awareness in this article:

  1. The Foundation Skills: Acquiring and developing executive and management skills provide the foundation for business awareness. These are skills to develop through study, experience, reflection and other means.
  2. Internal Knowledge: Business awareness also requires the right content and the …

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