Sucking the SAP Out of Your ERP Data

For the last few years, organizations have run rampant in their implementations of ERP systems such as SAP. These ERP systems have enabled the organizations to become more effective in their management of a variety of corporate functions, such as procurement, payroll, human resources, materials management, and others. While ERP systems provide standard reports to gauge simple statistics such as a list of personnel or items that have been ordered, few go far beyond that to provide the mechanisms to actually analyze the information collected in ERP systems. ERP data warehouses can help turn operational data into strategic information for an organization.

So what can you do with an ERP data warehouse that you wouldn't be able to do with a standard ERP system? First of all, ERP data warehouses will help you analyze information in your ERP systems. Take an HR implementation of an ERP package, for example. In your ERP systems, you may only be able to count the number of heads in a department or to list employees, but with an ERP data warehouse, you can analyze departmental attrition, department leveling patterns, number of promotions, salary increases and longitudinal patterns of long-time employees. These things you cannot do with a standard ERP system. The ERP data warehouse allows an organization to make assumptions on future department sizes based on past performance. …

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