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Digging Into Digital: Digital Advertising and Project Management

José Parladé is a PMP-certified project management and advertising professional. He has worked in both of these industries for numerous years and is adamant about the fact that project management processes are integral to the execution of a successful campaign.

Project management is an integral component of the launching of a digital ad campaign. The nature of advertising has--and continues--to lean toward digital advertising as an effective and more-targeted means of reaching an audience than traditional media. However, because of the many nuances and pitfalls of the digital platform, it is important for advertising professionals and project managers to pay particularly close attention to time, quality and communications management practices.

Time management is one of the most essential parts of an advertising professional’s job. Digital ad campaigns are usually aligned with a brand’s marketing plan. This is often because the client is releasing a product or service at a certain time, simultaneously advertising via other forms of media or advertising separately to other markets at the same time. In order to prevent any delays, it is important for an advertising professional to accurately define and sequence those activities that would produce the items outlined in the WBS.

A common error is the failure to properly account for the activities involved in the creation of the ads themselves. The creation of a digital ad is a lengthy process. All activities involve not only numerous agency departments, but also involve the client. Any misstep in defining and scheduling activities could affect all stakeholders.

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