Prepare to Pitch

Tim Kress is a globally-recognized expert in project and program management. His unique approach to transforming individuals and organizations combines the best of technology with field-tested techniques based on years of success in the real world.

For project managers to advance into senior-level, strategic roles, they must call on their relationships, experience and expertise to actively identify opportunities that can benefit the business. Equally important, they must be able to “sell” these ideas by connecting them to the organization’s priorities, competencies and values.

Most project managers start their careers in lower-level, transactional roles. Management assigns the projects and their job is to execute to plan. Often the plan itself is already built, requiring little input from the project manager. “Just get it done” is the order of the day. If you can do this consistently, and follow the mantra “on time, on budget” you’ll be successful.

However, the time will come when you will move up the ranks to more strategic initiatives. You will likely be promoted to a senior project manager or program manager role. At these levels, you will eventually find yourself bringing ideas or project proposals to management that may be your own, or the result of opportunities that you identify based on your business acumen, industry expertise and relationships with customers.

You must be able to pitch or sell these ideas to management. These deals are sold by connecting the opportunity to your organization’s core competencies and strategy. As always you must answer senior management…

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