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Exciting Projects: The Unsung Hero to Attracting Talent

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Bruce is the founder of, a resource for growing IT project managers.

Recruiting and retaining highly talented professionals is a problem for many companies. Despite economic uncertainty, new companies and products are being launched each day. To keep up, project managers and projects have a key role to play in talent strategy.

Let’s review a few key points in today’s recruitment and talent management landscape:

  • Hard-to-fill jobs: Across the world, difficult-to-fill jobs include engineers, sales representatives, IT staff, managers and executives, according to Manpower research. These roles make vital contributions to building products and serving customers.
  • A way to meet millennial needs at work: The millennial generation (i.e. those born from 1980 to 2000) values learning, development and rapid career advancement according to PWC research. Participation on  projects offers a way to satisfy those needs.
  • Declining working population: According to the 2015 Manpower Talent Shortage Survey, many employers are feeling the pain of a smaller workforce. The baby boomer generation has been retiring in significant numbers starting in 2011. This demographic change poses a significant talent management challenge.
  • Engagement challenges for long-term staff: Recent research from the Gallup organization found that long-term employees are often the least engaged at work. Twenty one percent of employees with 10 years or more of…

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