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A Reinvention Roadmap

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Successful business transformation programs must integrate strategy, people, process, metrics and technology. That’s a lot of moving parts. Here, a seasoned change leader discusses his field-tested roadmap for executing complex initiatives that drive innovation and create tangible value.

Whether you’re a project, program or portfolio manager, a senior executive or an administrator, part of a PMO or HR department, working in high teach, manufacturing or any other sector — change is part of your job. Or it should be. If your organization isn’t constantly reexamining the way it works and interacts, internally and externally, it’s probably falling behind.

We know change is constant. But it’s also complex and difficult. How many change initiatives have you been involved in that were unmitigated successes? How many actually did more harm than good?

Satish Subramanian is a seasoned strategy, operations and organization change leader with expertise in business transformation and strategic execution. A principal at M Squared Consulting, he is also the author of Transforming Business with Program Management: Integrating Strategy, People, Process, Technology, Structure, and Measurement, a best-selling book that provides insights from his 25-plus years leading business transformations for Fortune 500 and global companies in a variety of industry …

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