How to Improve Application Delivery With Agile

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Many technology project managers focus on building or improving applications. Businesses rely on reliable and high-quality applications to serve customers and maintain operations. If you are in the business of application delivery, read on! Though this article focuses on the application delivery context, it will be helpful to you in related IT and technology contexts.

Why Are You Doing The Project?
As Simon Sinek famously explained in his book Start with Why, “We need to be crystal clear on why we are doing the application delivery project.” In some cases, the why will be clear--building a new application to take advantage of a trend (e.g., building an app for a smart phone). In other cases, your team may be assigned to upgrade or maintenance project. Upgrade projects are often less exciting to work on. However, you can rally the team by highlighting the benefits of the project (e.g., system failure, no more support or an overwhelming amount of support tickets!). Even if the project purpose is familiar, make sure on the why of your project.

The Three Types of Application Delivery Projects
Based on my research, there are three broad types of application delivery projects. In some cases, your project may be a blend of the categories. In those cases, remember to prioritize your project priority.

Type 1: Deliver a New Application
Building a brand new …

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