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Redefine Collaboration

Will Kelly

Collaboration in an agile or DevOps environment isn’t just about choosing a new technology solution. It calls for a new collaborative culture that transforms change management, team composition and workflows between development and operations. Here are 10 tips to make it happen.

Collaboration takes on a new meaning for enterprises moving to agile development and DevOps. Whether your enterprise is already good at information-sharing or just pays lip service to collaboration with a cobweb-laden SharePoint site, you’ll need to rethink processes, change management and team composition when your organization makes the move to agile and DevOps. Here are ten tips for redefining collaboration and building a new collaboration culture.

1. Start with Culture

You just can’t add a cloud collaboration platform with an agile team and throw in some DevOps; there needs to be a collaborative culture. Development and operations teams have been natural enemies in the wild since the dawn of software development making a collaborative culture a challenge.

Michael Coté, director of technical marketing for Pivotal Software, says that most corporate cultures aren’t built on people trusting each other and feeling comfortable; they're based on competitive, zero-sum structures or command and control management at best. One hard-and-fast rule for improving …

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