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Typical workforce engagement initiatives focus on unlocking discretionary effort but fail to inspire. The result, too often, is dedicated but exhausted teams. To unlock value creation and innovation, we need to better manage people’s energy, and it starts with making conversation part of the organizational fabric.

Since co-founding leadership training provider Juice Inc. in 2003, Brady Wilson’s prominent focus has been energy, and more specifically, showing organizations why they need to better manage workforce energy in order to bring about successful initiatives. It is an idea that he says is confirmed by recent discoveries in brain science, chief among them that the executive function of the brain — the driver of value creation and innovation — runs on energy, not on the dedication and commitment that engagement policies seek to create.

For more than two decades, Wilson, author of the new book Beyond Engagement: A Brain-Based Approach That Blends the Engagement Managers Want with the Energy Employees Need, has grappled with the issues that short-circuit employee engagement, working with senior leadership teams to build the conditions in which energy can flourish and be sustainable in their organizations.

“Organizations have spent mega-millions on employee engagement pursuits that are producing the very disengagement they hope to fix,” …

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