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Top 10 Strategy Execution Trends

Smart organizations will continue to become flatter and leaner, while embracing design thinking, big data and enterprisewide agility, according to a new report that identifies the most important strategy execution trends for 2016.

Whether it’s experimenting with leaner, flatter organizational structures in a drive to accelerate responses to shifting external factors; leveraging design thinking to solve every day problems as well as innovation challenges; or the impact millennials are having on how organizations lead successfully, winners in 2016 will have a well-defined and communicated strategy. Importantly they will also work to clear the path to successfully execute the work required to achieve it.

That’s the message from Top Ten Strategy Execution Trends for 2016, released this week by workplace development company TwentyEighty Strategy Execution, which assembled a global panel of experts and senior executives to compile the list. Details, including an infographic, can be found at

“Our Strategy Execution Trends for 2016 reflect how smart organizations are coping with the ever increasing complex and ambiguous environment we all must operate within,” said Tim Wasserman, chief learning officer at TwentyEighty Strategy Execution and program director, Stanford Advanced Project Management Program. “…

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