12 Tips for Making Your Project Environmentally Friendly

Anna is a project management, training and communications specialist.

We all live in the same fast-paced capitalist consumer society and find ourselves subject to its relentless pursuit of growth. As project managers, we are often tasked with the delivery of new developments, change and business value and are evaluated by our ability to do so effectively and efficiently. To be fair, it’s part of the buzz and satisfaction of the job.

On the back of the Paris Climate Talks, it’s apparent that global powers, government and business alike are taking climate change seriously like never before. It is recognized as a society that we simply cannot continue as we are. Change is needed, and fast.

So what can we do as project managers to help the environment? Not all of us specialize in sustainability or renewable energy, though certainly we continue to see a rise in these types of projects, along with disaster prevention and recovery projects as we encounter more climate change and its devastating effects.

It is easy to feel powerless in the corporate structure when faced with such grim environmental facts. Many project managers work as contractors and may feel this structure limits their ability to affect any real change to the corporate strategy, culture and market realities that drive the project. This framework is aptly illustrated by the expression, “All responsibility, but no …

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