Making Remote Work Productive

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Successfully managing remote teams is rapidly becoming a vital skill for project managers, and several economic trends are fueling this. At the individual level, many professionals have decided to telecommute on a part-time or full-time basis. At the company level, there is continuing interest to access expertise in different locations and drive cost savings through using international staff.

Remote Work: Key Facts and Trends
All projects are influenced by the broader economic environment. Let’s consider developments that foster the rise of remote work:

  • Technology and tools: Reliable broadband internet access and flexible technology tools provide key infrastructure to support remote work. Selecting the right tools for your project team will depend on your organization and budget—fortunately, a growing number of collaboration tools are low cost or free (see the section below on the remote work toolkit for more on this topic).
  • The shared talent factor: Project team members are often shared between several projects and other activities. For project managers seeking specialists and subject matter experts, remote work participation is often the only way to obtain the needed contribution.
  • Increased telecommuting: In 2015, Gallup published research findings suggesting nearly 40% of Americans telecommute (i.e., …

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