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Road to Information: Communication in Patient Care

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Dr. Deepa Bhide, PMP is a physician and currently an independent healthcare IT and project management consultant. She has a postgraduate degree in Pediatrics and Neonatology from the University of Health Sciences, India. Deepa is an advocate of using project management in healthcare and related domains. She has worked extensively in the confluence of clinical medicine, IT and project management domains with hands-on experience in managing projects from conception to closure.

The care team was busy in a roundtable meeting to discuss Lisa’s case. The meeting had been called to review the current status of the patient and plan the next steps in her care process.

“Thanks everyone for taking the time out for this meeting. I will keep each one of you updated on Lisa’s progress. I am happy that with your continued commitment to treatment, Lisa is improving. Our next meeting is two weeks away. I will keep the team posted on the reports and progress in her health condition. Please be prepared for an emergency meeting should there be a need of the same. Thanks!” Mary signed off with that note and then saw the cancer-care team leave the hall.

The hospital prided itself in having one of the finest team of cancer-care specialists, which included oncologists, surgeons, hematologists (blood-work specialists), physical therapists, counselors, social workers and nursing staff. The team was involved in delivering “end-to-end care,” taking care of a cancer patient from screening to rehabilitation (first point of contact through the entire span of care). Each member of this team was a specialist in a specific medical domain and worked collaboratively within the care team.

Cancer care is different in many ways. It involves a set of complex and inter-dependent/related activities to manage all facets related to the medical …

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