Project Management Policy in Government-Funded Projects

Hajj Abdul Nsubuga, PMP

Historically, governments—especially in Africa—have lacked clear procedures and guidelines for the implementing and management of investment projects, exacerbating the problem of slow and/or poor implementation.

Governments have received funding from development partners (like the World Bank) to invest in development projects; however, many of these projects have not been delivered as expected. Many fail at the appraisal/design stage, and others are not delivered on time (and those that get delivered don’t meet the expected objectives). Furthermore, the successful delivery of investment projects in governments is critical in supporting strategic government plans and service delivery to citizens.

Project management in governments has traditionally relied upon the individual strengths of project managers (in many cases, contract managers) to plan and execute a variety of simultaneous investment projects. Project management expertise currently varies by team, with each relying upon its own unique project management approaches and tools.

While this has served governments relatively well in the past, we have reached a critical point. The number of investment projects in governments—coupled with the necessity to share resources across multiple projects—has created the need for a more formal and structured approach to managing projects to ensure …

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