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Dr. Deepa Bhide, PMP is a physician and currently an independent healthcare IT and project management consultant. She has a postgraduate degree in Pediatrics and Neonatology from the University of Health Sciences, India. Deepa is an advocate of using project management in healthcare and related domains. She has worked extensively in the confluence of clinical medicine, IT and project management domains with hands-on experience in managing projects from conception to closure.

Tears welled up in Megha’s eyes as she started to recollect her past. They were tears of achievement for a dream that had come true for her. Megha was in her late 50s and had been successful in her career, having started it as a typical doctor would. Born to doctor parents, Megha had aspired to be a doctor and make a good “healer” (as she referred to those in the medical profession). She had seen her parents involved in the business of healing and she saw herself walking in their footsteps. Admission to one of the top medical schools was her ticket to realize this dream.

“I hear that getting a seat in a medical school is a tough task. Is that so?” asked the interviewer who was seated in a chair across the room, scanning through a list of questions prepared for Megha.

“Yes, it is,” she exclaimed. “But many courses have this limited intake, and I don’t see medical schools much different in that sense. Yet being included in that limited intake is surely a merit-based challenge.”

“Taking on the dead and the living, both at once, seems interesting. How was your life at the medical school?”

“Quite interesting. Medical school helps you grow as person (inside out) and a professional! We enter the medical school at an age of 18 and a credulous yet a curious mind is exposed to see the entire …

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