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Justify a Customer-Centric PMO

Kevin Kern serves as Innotas' President and CEO, leveraging his 20 years of operational experience with high-growth software companies. Innotas is a leading provider of Cloud Solutions for IT Management.

A customer-centric PMO goes beyond cost reduction efficiencies and aligns itself with initiatives that benefit customers, which in turn benefit the business and the workforce. To justify this focus, the PMO must be able to measure the value of customer initiatives through several metrics.

Enterprise PMOs and IT organizations routinely focus on best practices for completing projects on time and within budget while increasing efficiencies. In many cases, this is done through cost-reduction methods such as decreased or flat headcount, with expectations of increased production. Unfortunately, the focus on cost reduction often doesn’t take into account the customer. Many of the initiatives overseen by enterprise project management offices involve customer service applications, but some efforts are higher priority than others. For example, identifying a server that might have failed, or how much downtime it incurred, is probably not as important as understanding the impact of a down server on the customer base, the business, and the bottom line.

It is important for PMOs to be able to link contributions to customer success in a meaningful, measurable manner; for example, quality standards that measure how well processes are performing against defined quality standards, or value standards which provide insights into whether the process is providing expected value. There are …

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