The Morphing Project Manager

Laura has experience with big four consulting organizations; was a managing director at a start-up international technology consulting organization that provided off-shore services; and currently is the owner of LAD Enterprizes, a management and information technology company. She provides project management services and training to assist organizations in realizing their goals through projects.

As Harry listened to the rain hit the windows, he diligently scoured LinkedIn for a new position. The first job posting was for a “Transformative ScrumMaster with solid project management background.” Not qualified. Skip that one. Next posting: “Report Scrum team velocity and manage sprint capacity.” Not qualified.

As Harry skips over this position, he wonders if he made a mistake bypassing the Scrum class opportunity. Next posting: “Project Manager and business analysis experience required.” Harry contemplates applying; maybe he can convince the hiring manager that he has business analysis experience. After all, he was a team member on a process improvement project. Apply for this position.

After working all morning, Harry closes his eyes and laptop, disheartened. He reviews his notes. Only two potential positions, and one was not a good fit. He wonders, “Where are the plain old-fashioned project management positions?”

After analyzing his notes, he realizes many of the positions included management requirements for areas for which he is not qualified. Harry concludes that hybrid project manager roles might be the way of the future and maybe he needs to revisit his skills. This article provides guidelines to enhance or assist with becoming a hybrid project manager. It starts by…

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"One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity there ain't nothing can beat teamwork."

- Mark Twain