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If you want answers, sometimes it's as simple as asking for them. For some time, email has allowed us to have two-way conversations without worrying about scheduling issues. Threaded discussions have now taken us a step beyond that. If you want to throw a question out to the company as a whole you can do it without spamming everyone you know (& some you don't). Make these discussions well organized and searchable - and over time you will aggressively add to your corporate knowledgebase.

Option one -
If you have the staff and infrastructure to do it, discussions on web rendered email-based apps allow people the option of participating using more than one medium. Employees can either use the structured framework of your intranet or their (sometimes more convenient) email client. Examples of this are Lotus Notes/Domino Discussions, MS Exchange/Collaborative Data Object (CDO) rendering, & Netscape Messaging/Collabra. This is probably the most flexible set-up you can put in place, customizing the display of the discussions in any way that makes sense vs. installing a package application.

Option two -
If your discussions will typically involve five or less …

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