So You Want to Be a Digital PM?

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For those interested in a career in project management—or those currently in the field working as a project manager and interested in exploring potential career paths—this article is for you. It will explore a relatively new specialized PM role, the digital PM.

What is a Digital PM?
Finding a definitive job description of the digital PM is not an easy task, for a couple reasons. First, digital project managers have many different names. They are often also referred to as web project managers, web producers and digital producers. To make it even more challenging, a defined standard of the role currently does not exist, and there are a lot of variances as to what the role entails. Essentially, the role varies depending on the organization.

So let’s consider the following sources so we can gain some insights into the role. According to the, the “short answer is quite simple – it’s making stuff happen in a digital world.” According to Osami Gani, a digital expert and project management professional, “It’s a streamlined process of managing online projects from concept to execution within budget and in a timely fashion. The end result is ensuring that businesses utilizing the service reach their online …

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