How to Encourage Teams to Use Mobile PM Tools

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Jason Westland is the Founder & CEO of, a project management software company based in Auckland, New Zealand and with U.S. office in Austin, Texas.

Technology moves so fast that even the most tech savvy among us can quickly be left behind if we don’t adopt new tools and technologies—especially with our teams and our projects.

In a recent study conducted by the LinkedIn Group of over 330,000 project leaders, we asked how PMs use mobile apps as part of their project management software. The result was rather shocking: less than 15% said they used mobile apps in their management of projects.

This is a problem. According to Mary Meeker’s annual KPMG study of internet trends, mobile use has been steadily rising globally, surpassing even desktop use, with the average person in the U.S. spending five hours (on average) daily on their mobile phone. Use of messaging apps for business is accelerating rapidly, with over 1 billion business conversations happening via mobile messaging last year alone:

This change in our daily mobile life has huge implications for how we get project work done. From an increasingly global project world, to broader trends in remote teams, to an emerging crop of millennial workers who are mobile-natives, to simply more productivity opportunities with new mobile apps…there are countless reasons why project leaders and teams need to be working more toward a more mobile work culture.

The Benefits of Mobile…

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